Safety Alert – Tool Propelled on Employee During Vehicle Collision

20 July 2024

Note:  Actual images of the incident may not be displayed to protect the identity of the organization and injured persons


Employee driving 3 Ton Pickup (Toyota Hilux Model) travelling from laydown area to site location impacted another vehicle from the rear-end.  On impact, some loose tools in the backseat of the vehicle were propelled to the front area of the vehicle.  One of the tools was a hammer hit the driver on the shoulder and head causing head bleeding and shoulder soreness. Injuries were only due to the loose tool.  No injuries were sustained due to the vehicle collision because of airbag deployment absorbing the impact.  Injured person has been prescribed 20 days of rest to recover.

Immediate Causes

  • Improper Storage of Tools:  Tools and equipment should not be stored inside the passenger cabin.  If it is necessary to have something inside the passenger cabin, it must be secured tightly.
  • Vehicle Collision:  Even though the vehicle collision did not cause any injury, it is what caused the tools to be propelled and impact the employee.

Root Causes

  • Training Needs Improvement:  Employees were not made aware to avoid storing of tools and equipment inside the passenger cabin
  • Pre-Drive Check Needs Improvement:  The organization does conduct pre-drive checks; however, the checklist does not include a segment to verify if there are loose material in the passenger cabin.  This needs to be added.

Lessons Learned

  • Always make sure there is nothing loose in the passenger cabin.  Conduct a pre-drive check and always plan for the worst
  • Regularly review management system documentation and training programs, update them to reflect possible situations

The key takeaway from this incident is that situations as simple as loose tools in the back seat can in certain circumstances become dangerous.  

This Safety Alert is inspired by true events, however the particulars and locations may have been changed or omitted to protect the identity of the reporting organization or individuals.  We respect the privacy of everyone.  If you wish to share a report with the wider community through HSEtoolbox, feel free to contact us on [email protected]

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